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The message of our fundamental self worth can be discovered in unlikely places. Not surprisingly it lies at the heart of Brené Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability (and if you’re not one of the 4 million plus people who have seen this, do treat yourself by viewing here

I wasn’t expecting though to be reminded of the simple and profound truth that ‘I am enough’ when I went out with my boyfriend to see ‘a cool, brutal, deeply Scandinavian thriller’.

We’ve only recently caught up with the thrill of ‘scandi drama’ via The Killing and Borgen, and so when we read a review for the recently-released Headhunters we resolved to go and see it there and then.

heart-holeThe film is deft and deliciously scary, with an antihero protagonist whose small frame is compensated by a super-size ego. It is part of the film’s genius that at the same time that we are horrified by the stripping of this man’s basic dignity, we are cheering for the blossoming of his emerging self as a human being worthy of his own regard.

For me it’s a daily practice to claim my ‘enough-ness’. It’s encouraging to see that stand reflected back in the lives of others; real and fictional



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