Another visit to the dentist

This morning I visited my dentist, and was given two injections to numb the pain of his drilling. It’s no big deal; apparently the anaesthetic wears off after a couple of hours. I feel irritated though as I drink some coffee post-appointment, and find it dribbling down my chin.

It is at this moment that a picture of my mother comes to me.

A few years ago she’d had Bell’s Palsy, a condition whereby part of the face is ‘frozen’; a bit like having been at the effect of a stroke. Luckily in 95% of cases people recover full sensation and facial mobility.

Unfortunately for my mum she was one of the 5% who didn’t.

As I wipe the coffee from my face my irritation is replaced by a wave of compassion. No longer do I feel sorry for myself. My heart is opening to being in the shoes of another human being; namely my mum.

The experience of being numbed out was in fact a door. By choosing to walk through it I discover the true depth of my feeling.


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