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I am fascinated by how we live our lives at our creative best, whilst being at our best. I work with people who want to come home to who they truly are at core, and be able to have congruency between that ‘essential’ self and the way they live their lives. I enjoy listening deeply to what it is people are facing day-to-day, and what it is they truly seek, whilst being alongside them as they find their own answers to the question: Yes, but how?

I started my career as a teacher and teacher trainer in the UK and Italy, and then moved into the museum and heritage sector as Head of Information Systems at English Heritage, and then as Director of the Museum Documentation Association. I sourced the 24 Hour Museum and the European Museums Information Institute.

I have a first degree in English, and an MSc in Information Systems Design. I am a qualified coach from the School of Coaching as well as being a qualified mentor, teacher and teacher trainer.  Until mid-2015 I worked as a Senior Trainer for the More to Life programme before setting up The Retreat Group with three co-trainers.