Happy Thanksgiving

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Just now I got a skype message from a friend who wrote: “I saw your name, smiled and thought I would follow the smile to connection. If you are busy just say See you next week…  I’m just feeling particularly appreciative of you right now.”

turkey1I wasn’t able to speak, but what a difference it made to my day knowing that I was being thought of and appreciated.

I got to thinking that tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the US.

I’ve only celebrated this once, and that was with American friends of mine in Italy a few years ago.  I loved getting together with one another to eat, hang out and feel grateful.  I’m quite envious of Americans that they enjoy a whole national holiday for just that purpose, and that they share it with one another irrespective of their faith, or their lack of it.

On reflection though I realise that it’s not necessary to have a day earmarked to feel grateful and to express appreciation.  Thank goodness we can do that whenever and wherever we feel like it; just as we can make new choices about what we’re going to create and how we’re going to be at any time, not just at New Year…


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